Theta Chi - Iota Phi Chapter at the University of South Carolina


  • July 28, 2015

Everyone in the Theta Chi chapter at USC knows Michal Hoge to be an integral leader and role model in our fraternity. Further, I consider him one of my closest friends. Unfortunately Michal suffered a terrible injury this summer after breaking his neck in a freak accident. Michal was at a friends house when he dove into a pool that was too shallow for diving, which Michal was obviously unaware of, causing him to fracture his C5 and C7 vertebrae as well as shatter his C6.

Michal was in and out of intensive care for several weeks, but after fighting incredibly hard, he is now at full mental capacity rehabilitating his entire body at Shepard Center in Atlanta. Michal is registered as a quadriplegic.

Michal is one of the most kind, hard working, and caring kids I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Just to give anyone who may not know Michal some insight to his effect on others, there is a Facebook page comprised of over 1,500 people anxiously awaiting updates on Michal and his condition.

As a result of Michal’s misfortune, our fraternity is putting on the Hope 4 Hoge Kickball Tournament Fundraiser. The purpose of this page is to help our fraternity put on the event with the remaining proceeds from this page, as well as the event, going to Michal’s family to aid them with medical bills, paralysis research, and the Shepard Center.

Thank you to everyone who has already reached out to Michal and his family and to everyone willing to donate to their cause. I can’t tell you enough how much everyone’s support means to them.

Thank you and God bless. Hope4Hoge GoFundMe