What is the new member education program like?

All new members will learn about the history, traditions and ideals of Theta Chi in an 8-week new member education program. This is a time for new members to meet each other, current members, and chapter alumni.

In addition to information, the new member education program is designed to encourage appreciation for campus leadership, academic excellence, moral conduct, and personal growth.

The goal of the new member education program is to infuse yourself into our brotherhood, creating unity between all members and a life-long bond. Rather than a period of servitude, the new member period is meant to be productive and worthwhile, while making some of the best friends you'll ever have.

What is our stance on hazing?

Theta Chi has a strict policy against hazing during any part of the fraternal experience. If you are concerned about hazing or have any questions related to hazing, feel free to call the national Theta Chi Anti-Hazing Hotline at 1-855-824-4840

What does Theta Chi do?

Becoming a member of Theta Chi opens the doors to a lifetime of learning and personal growth. Our members have access to a global network of alumni, as well as to leadership opportunities on campus and beyond. Part of Theta Chi's educational mission is to prepare its members for the demands of life after graduation; we help by providing a variety of leadership and education events throughout the year.

As far as what we do locally, we stress the importance of philanthropy and giving back to our community and our university. We understand that we are not the only organization on campus; therefore, we look to support all other organizations, whether they be greek, major-oriented, governmental, etc. We also understand the significance of all of our members getting involved on campus through other organizations in order to broaden each individual's horizons.

Along with philanthropy and on-campus involvement, we also pride ourselves in an active social schedule. This year we will have mixers with sororities, tailgates for our football games, lake retreats, camp retreats, pick-up sporting events, semi formal and formal, mountain weekend, beach weekend, parents weekend, and many more functions. One of our traditions is Theta Chi Thursday, which is a time devoted to brother bonding through activities such as pick up sports and group meals.

What can we offer to you?

We can offer you membership into a group of accomplished young men who strive for academic excellence and constant development. We can guide you to a successful tenure on campus, while teaching you important lessons in regard to friendship, truth, and tolerance. We pride ourselves in being a fraternity that is inclusive, diverse, and unified. We hold our members to at least a 3.0 GPA.

Thanks to Theta Chi's Foundation Chapter, more than $220,000 in scholarship money was awarded to deserving Theta Chi members during the 2014 year.