Welcome Parents

All parents want their sons to have a proactive, exciting time in college. We understand that college is a time to develop and learn, but also have fun and grow as an individual. Whether your son attends school close to home or across the country, we want you to feel safe knowing Theta Chi is a home away from home.

We welcome potential new members with open arms and will inform any interested individual about what we stand for. We value diversity, inclusion, integrity, academics, and involvement. We will give everyone equal opportunity as long as they manifest honesty and a desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves. If your son exhibits these qualities, we would be honored to give him an opportunity to pledge Theta Chi.

The pledge process is 8 weeks long and exists to develop potential brothers into Fraternity Men and to solidify them into our Fraternity. This process includes learning Theta Chi's history, traditions, and how to act like a gentleman, constructing a group project that teaches team work, and getting to know the current members. We have a strict no hazing policy. This includes violence, forced alcohol or drug consumption, and servitude. Hazing promotes division and resentment, which does not facilitate an environment of growth and unity.

A Letter from the Founding President

Theta Chi at the University of South Carolina is looking to do something extraordinary. I value honesty and transparency; therefore, I will be honest with you about my time here at South Carolina. When I first came to the University of South Carolina, I did what most guys from my high school did: I rushed. I came looking for a fraternity for the wrong reasons. I wanted one with a big house and respect for throwing big parties. I was clueless when it came to Greek organizations. I went through rush and was never able to quite differentiate one fraternity from another. I made my decision based on the opinions my suite mates voiced, not what was best for me. I wound up pledging for three weeks, only to discover I wasn't happy with my choice. I wound up dropping and avoiding social fraternities until the fall semester of my sophomore year. At this time, a fraternity that was coming back to campus after being on probation was looking for potential members. This fraternity promised no pledging and immediate brotherhood. Although this seemed appealing at the time, it wound up being the reason I am no longer a member. We went through the semester as brothers, not pledges, and never developed a sense of unity or belonging. In the spring semester, 20 of us decided that we wanted a real fraternity experience. Over the course of the semester, we picked up 13 more members that believed in our purpose. They went through a makeshift pledging experience that was proactive and brought all of us closer together. Pledging has a negative connotation due to hazing and the degrading nature of most pledge programs. We believe that pledging can be positive, parallel with the ideas and visions of our founders in 1856. To pledge Theta chi would be to pledge yourself to developing as an individual and immersion into a likeminded, driven group of fraternity men. We do not condone hazing, because we do not believe it contributes to the purpose of a fraternity: to build and sharpen interpersonal skills that will lead to a successful college tenure and professional career, while experiencing the intangible feeling of brotherhood. We now stand 70 strong and look to grow in the coming semesters. There is a drive behind each of our members that will lead our fraternity to do remarkable things. I can promise that if your son joins Theta Chi at the University of South Carolina, that we will do all in our power to help him become a better man and enjoy his time in college.

Throughout my fraternity experiences, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA while being a student of the Honors College. We know that the main purpose of college is to learn, develop, and graduate with high scholastic achievement. We have members in the Capstone Program and Honors College and our cumulative GPA of 3.48 ranks among the highest in comparison to other Greek organizations. We also have a national partnership with the United Services Organization and look to work with a local center throughout the coming year. In all, your son will have a well-rounded, balanced college experience if he decides to join our brotherhood.

R. Carter Kilmann, President 2014 - 2015
University of South Carolina
Theta Chi